What we’re looking for

MD Anderson, the AT&T Foundry, and Merck & Co., Inc. strive to find new approaches to applying digital health technology to advance clinical care, advance clinical research and improve the patient experience. We’re working to invest in and develop innovative commercial health tech opportunities aimed at eliminating cancer worldwide. We want to hear from companies who offer unique ways to diagnose, treat, manage and prevent cancer for patients all over the world.

MD Anderson is looking for transformational innovations in the following categories:

Patient engagement and experience

Cancer patients require the safest, highest quality and most compassionate care and we believe that their patient experience should reflect that.

We’re seeking: solutions in coordinated care and referrals, patient engagement (before, during, and after care), scheduling, telemedicine, and wait time management.

Clinical and operational efficiencies

In order to deliver patient-specific treatments, physicians need meaningful data and insights from their medical histories. Hospital administrators need technologies to optimize institutional capabilities and the infrastructure to support the patient in this journey.

We’re seeking: solutions for clinical collaboration and decision support, patient access, simplified revenue cycle, and streamlined physician workflow.

Acceleration of academic research

Cancer researchers and clinicians interrogate data and collaborate in ways that uncover meaningful new insights to end cancer every day.

We’re seeking: solutions to assist clinical trials management, lab management, and researcher collaboration.

AT&T Connected Health Foundry is looking for transformational innovations in the following categories:

Connected devices

Connected medical devices have the potential to make an impact on cancer diagnosis and treatment. Clearly communicating certain information can ease the burden for patients, family, and providers.

We’re seeking: Medical devices related to cancer diagnosis and treatment that could be improved by connecting to a network.

Health monitoring

Staying connected to the hospital and providers after treatment should be a seamless process for patients, family, and providers.

We’re seeking: Solutions that make post-surgical monitoring and post-treatment monitoring more convenient and effective.

Knowledge sharing

It can be challenging to keep up with all the ongoing cancer research, to collaborate with other providers conducting research, and to communicate results within the same hospital. Knowledge sharing can improve the level of care that a patient receives.

We’re seeking: Solutions that allow providers to better share information in a secure format.

Merck & Co., Inc. is looking for transformational innovations in the following categories:

Applying Big Data

Research advances as well as the many facets of the cancer patient’s experience are being informed by big data. We are interested in:  solutions that help integrate, analyze, or visualize big data across multiple data stacks.

Improving Clinical Trials

Employing the latest approaches in clinical trials is foundational to advancing cancer research and patient care. We are interested in:  solutions that speed and enhance clinical trial design, recruitment and awareness.

Patient Education and Experience

Education can help cancer patients and their caregivers engage throughout their continuum of care. We are interested in: digital solutions that provide community, education, feedback, coaching or support to cancer patients, caregivers and their families.

Open door innovation

Revolutions in healthcare delivery don’t always come from the technology itself but often from its innovative applications. If your solution doesn’t fit in a category above but aligns in our fight to end cancer, we would still like to hear from you.